When it comes to finding out what’s the “key to success” of our top video chat models at PARADIZ Iasi, there are a few older articles on this blog, concerning  this specific subject, put together with the intention of bringing you closer to our world and offering you a picture as detailed as possible of our unique vision.

But there is one other aspect worth taken into careful consideration, specifically the fact that in PARADIZ things are always “on the move”. We believe that progress is a very complex process, which involves as a must the idea of innovation. Why? Because no matter the level you have reached as a professional, there is always one more stairway to climb, one more step to be taken into the right direction, to build excellence. And this goes to any field of activity, including that of video chat. Routine should never be a word in anyone’s vocabulary, not as long as you wish to attain a certain level of performance, as higher as one can dare to dream of. Your safe zone will be the end of you!

This is the reason why at PARADIZ Iasi our main motivation behind any decision making process is that of evolving, of growing. At all times! The video chat field of activity can be a very creative one, which is why limiting yourself to offering “the basics” to your models is a very narrow mindset, one which is never going to take you very far.

PARADIZ is about the people we are working with and this is what makes us prioritize our models needs above anything else, so that we can offer them a real chance at making all of their dreams come true while having a working experience as original as possible, one that would challenge them to become better also, to show interest in their own work, to bring them joy and that much needed enthusiasm for what they are doing. If routine and “playing safe and small” is a real danger when it comes to managing a business, at an individual level this syndrome is just as threatening as ever. A “bored” model, one that is no longer excited about her own work will inevitably reach a level of mental burn out , which in its turn causes a big drop in efficiency.

But in PARADIZ things look very different! And that’s how our latest surprise, our latest treat for our models is our own brand new Green Screen Studio. Our little new magic trick!

For those of you who don’t know much about this “invention”, the Green Screen started being more and more popular round the years of 2008-2009, when most of the video content producers and those in charge with live streaming were able to give to the public a brand new level of creativity with the help of this gadget.  The Green Screen has been used for quite a while now for movie making at Hollywood, but for those of us who want to be real professionals, nothing is ever out of reach, is there?

So how does this trick work? When you shoot in front of a Green Screen, regardless of the software you are going to use for the editing part, you can detect a certain range of colors (in this case the color green) and you can replace that spectrum with a transparent layer. More explicitly, this means that in the background you can insert any kind of picture, setting, image, the result being a very realistic one. Modern video cameras use Bayer filters for capturing the light, those filters being designed in such a way as to exhibit a higher sensitivity to green rather than any other colors. As a result of that, you can record a wide range of green tones, following that the software can replace with high precision only those pixels, leaving the rest of the image intact. Also, the green color creates a very good contrast with the human skin, making it ideal for studios.

As expected, a variety of Green Screens are available on the market, the rigid paper ones being used mainly for photography, while the TV studios are using the special fabric version, which feels like a very soft sponge so that it can absorb light very well and leave no reflections.

Ok, it may sound kind of complicated by now, but for our team of professionals in the department of video production at PARADIZ , such things are never a mystery. We are working with dedicated, passionate experts and this means that we can offer something totally new and exciting to our video chat models, a chance that was never offered to them before!

Now, if you understand the principles behind this Green Screen technology, then you can imagine how a online live transmission can look like in PARADIZ, and just how creative a model’s work can become!  This is how our models are stepping into a brand new world, one in which everything becomes possible! Basically, she can be online from… anywhere! According to her preferences, her own personal style and the event she will be celebrating, for exemple, she can broadcast from any kind of setting, from the beach to the mountain tops, from a stadium field to “Juliet’s” balcony, not even the sky being the limit in this case!

Also, you can imagine the impact of such a transmission on any members of the sites, you can imagine just how intriguing everything becomes, for both sides of the game and you can understand why excellence is built in PARADIZ!

But you don’t have to take my word for it! Come see it for yourself! We’ll be waiting for you in PARADIZ!

Till next time,

Lady Di