2nd of December 2018. After almost 2 full months of planning, making lists and organizing, finally, the big day had arrived. The day Paradiz turned 16 years of activity.

In the previous article we`ve already described all the steps we took in order to throw a PARADIZ party, so it is about time you should find out how our party actually was. If you are one of those girls who joined our party, then you will relive with us the moments of joy and emotions. If you didn`t join our party, well, we just hope that you will attend our next one!

The party started with an awarding session. Awards for the Paradiz models and for the staff, as we usually do around here. Precious jewelry and finest fragrances were given to our models. Although this moment was highly expected, it was not the peak of our party simply because this kind of awarding is being made monthly in our company.

CAM4, Paxum, UFancyMe, StripChat, CamContacts, Flirt4free, SkyPrivate, XLove and JASMIN were the partners we had invited to also join the party and the awarding session. It was an unique party, never done before. All the collaborators mentioned above had given us their support in order to throw a party this big, and the fact that each and every one of them flew in from different parts of the world makes us really proud!

Besides the fact that they attended our invitation, our friends and partners, also sent us some precious memories. Well thoughts, advice, encouragements, this is what they have wished us!

„People are the most valuable resource in many industries, but especially in the industry we work in. 16 years of success in videochat is the actual proof of quality people of Paradiz. I can`t wait to party among all your guests at the Paradiz Mega Party because quality people always attract higher quality people. Happy Anniversary, Paradiz, and Congratulations for your business` success!” – Alex, SkyPrivate

„I am super excited to join the Paradiz party because the studio is unique by it’s welcoming friendly atmosphere. I am not aware of any other studio that has it’s own club in the studio. In case of Paradiz I witnessed that the club is really helping models to get to know each other, enjoy their time outside of the camera and share tips and tricks. I really love their idea of appreciating models during regular parties and I have always felt great when I had the chance to visit the studio.”  – Lucie Hrdinova, Training and Development Manager Flirt4Free training center

„Great vibrations, good music, party `till the break of dawn, this is what Paradiz parties are like. Yet, this is not the only reason we will be there. We appreciate people, special people, fair and committed ones. People who dare to imagine, people who believe in their dream and have the power to pass all the obstacles and to make that dream real. Paradiz, a suggestive name, describes a special studio in which people stand one by each other just like a family does. A studio where people work, but also party and live their lives. Paradiz is one of our dearest partners, so this is the main reason we will be there. Happy Anniversary, Paradiz!” – Adriana, Studio Representative Camcontacts

„I feel honoured to be invited to Paradiz 16 Aniversary celebration, for the last 6 years I had being working closely with Paradiz and I was witness of the evolution of the studio during this time, Paradiz is full of professional people and the most important thing is that they care unique about what they do, I know is only special selected group invited to this great celebration and I feel special to be part of this important day for Paradiz”Rick Morales, Business Development Manager Stripchat

„Although UFancyMe.com is not in collaboration with Paradiz, we are delighted to attend your invitation of 16 years anniversary party. I will bring presents just to celebrate properly this important event. Happy Anniversary, Paradiz!” – Alice Langlois, reprezentant UFancyMe

„It`s been more than half a decade since we`ve been collaborating with Paradiz and we have a close bonding. We are truly happy for Felix and for his 16 years of activity. We con not miss this party! The parties from inside his private club are legendary, one of a kind, so we will see you on the 2nd of December in Paradiz!” – OctavMoise, CEO Paxum Inc

„We`ve accepted right away the invitation to celebrate 16 years of activity and we are glad we can contribute in order to have fun all together! The relationship between CAM4 and PARADIZ is a close one, a special one so we con not miss such a huge event. More than that, as everyone already knows, there are no greater parties than the Paradiz parties, and there is no studio in Romania like the Paradiz studio! Paradiz is one of a kind!” – Victor, country Manager CAM4

It not a secret for anybody that this is the first time in Romania when this many site representatives are attending a studio`s anniversation. Paradiz made it- Go big or go home, they say! 😉

The element of novelty was offering honorary prizes to our partners, from which we mention: PAXUM recieved from PARADIZ the “Most Reliable Payment System Partner” award, JASMIN – “Longest Business Relashionship Partner”, CAM4– “Best Collaboration Partner”, Flirt4Free“Best Customer Support Partner” and last but not least STRIPCHAT – “Highest Growing Partener”. The Stripchat representative couldn`t make it to our party this time, but he visited us last month and we`ve spent quality time together.

After the award session, as usual, we`ve raised a glass of champagne, and we then danced to the WANTED band grooves.

Simultaneously, we`ve welcomed the 16 girls who participated for the 16 years in PARADIZ raffle. One by one, in refined but comfortable clothes they were very, very impatient, because two of them would go home with a laptop and a telephone. They had mingled with the rest of the guests and joined the party.

The most exciting moment was, without a doubt, the arrival of the four customized PARADIZ cakes. We`ve sang  „Happy Birthday!” together, we blew in candles, we hugged, we kissed, and then, SURPRIZE!!! We`ve brought a fifth cake, because that evening Jasmin representative, Fruzsina, celebrated her birthday, and we could not leave this event unnoticed.

We`ve popped bottles of champagne, hours have passed, and we`ve extracted the 2 lucky winners of the JASMIN ruffle, a laptop and a telephone of the latest generation.

Afterwards, we`ve welcomed Grasu XXL in applause and he took care of keeping the vibrations up and the ladies dancing.

We danced together, we enjoyed the special moments, we organized and we participated to the raffles. We offered vouchers from top beauty salons and dental clinics in Iasi, video equipment, shirts and many more. Also there was a raffle for a weekend in Paris, on Valentine’s Day, all offered by PARADIZ. We will discuss this in a dedicated article.The evening continued like any other PARADIZ party, with a lot of dance and good mood. But what we know for sure is that what made the event so special was not the exotic drinks prepared by renowned bartenders, decorations or the photo booth where we made hundreds of pictures with the team and the guests, but the PEOPLE. The people who stood behind, who organized, the people who were almost indifferent to the distance and time, the people who, through smiles and charm, made this party kepable in the beautiful memories box! #HumanzInParadiz

Happy Birthday to US, Happy Birthday PARADIZ! We are Super, Super!